Dean from Springfield, Missouri

"What a excellent day I had with Larry “Doc” Seger fishing for largemouths on Bull Shoals Lake. It was one of the best days I ever had fishing. We were catching largemouths one right after another. Larry has a wealth of fishing knowledge which he shared throughout the day, answering all my bass fishing questions. I recommend him to all my friends and I can not wait until I can go again."


Jim Canon from Lake Fork, Texas.

"Fished with Doc first of May, and in all my years of fishing, have never had a better trip with a guide. And at 61, I’ve fished with more than a few. Doc’s top three, and he knows the other two. :) My first trip to Table Rock, and Doc put us on the fish. One fine gentleman, and a wealth of info that he is more than willing to share. Long haul from Texas, but I’ll be back, and spend more than a day with Doc Seger.

As they say, ‘he’s the real deal’……."

Heath from Omaha, Arkansas (another time of the year)

"Spring time top water with Larry Seger on Table Rock. There is nothing like a guide trip that is full of fish like this day was. You can go to many places in the US and fish many lakes but there is no lake like Table rock and no guide like Larry “Doc” Seger.  If you are traveling to the Ozarks and have a chance to fish Table Rock for the first time or the  hundredth time get in touch with Larry Seger he can make a fishing trip worth your while."

Richard Gantt 

"My 7 year old son, 11 year old daughter and I fished with Doc today for the first time on Table Rock Lake. We had a blast even in the beginning of August!! We caught 21 bass between the three of us in less than 3 hours. 10 of those were keepers. That's a GREAT short day on the water no matter where you are in my book! Doc was very knowledgable at what he does. He's very patient with young kids and very good with instructing them on the proper things to do. Kudos to you Doc! We highly recommend booking with him if you want to learn something new or just want the kids to have fun and catch fish."

Daniel Rowe

"I have had the pleasure of fishing with Doc on a number of occasions and the experiences have been enjoyable. Doc will put you on fish but if you cannot land them it is your own fault. I would recommend Doc's Guide Service for your next fishing trip to Table Rock Lake."

Here are some people who fished with me and here are the amazing results. I'll let you be the judge.​

Cindy and Todd Folkerts

Fished with Larry for 2 days while Staying in the beautiful ozarks. This guy worked hard to keep us catching good fish. I caught my biggest smallmouth ever! "Premier" is the word! A true professional!

Thanks for everything Doc. Can't wait to get back again.

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Jacques and Ed from Ridgedale, Missouri

"Any day on Table Rock Lake is a good day.  A day fishing with Larry Seger as your guide, putting you on fish…a great day!  We had spent a half day with Larry and caught some real good fish…large mouth and small mouth, five to three pounders.  Larry was patient and educational but best of all fun!  Can’t wait for another trip and we will recommend him to everybody!"


"Nobody knows Table Rock better than The Doc!"

Heath from Omaha, Arkansas

"Early Spring fishing with a jerk bait you just can’t beat it. Once again Larry Seger has put me on fish that only a guy dreams about. There is nothing like jerk bait fishing. A lot of people have their opinions about guides and think it’s a waste of money to book a guide trip!  I am here to tell you money is the last thing on your mind when you are with Larry “Doc” Seger. You just can’t beat his fishing knowledge! Not only will you make a new friend you will have a fishing experience of a life time! Do yourself a favor next time you are in the Ozarks call Larry and go fishing you won’t regret it."

Pam Lester

My husband had the time of his life! Doc was an exceptional guide, and I would highly recommend him if you are ever at Table Rock Lake and want to catch bass.